Anatomy of Hair

Hair grows at rate of 0.5 mm per day, or half an inch per month or six inches per year.

Full head of hairs - about 1,00,000 (one lac) hairs on the head

Beard contains about 30,000 (Thirty thousand) hairs with the thickest growth occurs on chin and upper lip


Hair Bulge

Diagram depicting the Hair bulge with stem cells responsible for the hair regrowth.

Reyuva Hair Electrolysis

for details of the permanent removal of unwanted hairs by electrolysis and Laser Hair reduction

Reyuva Hair Electrolysis

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The center is located , on the main Vikas marg, in East Delhi, India. The Center deals with permanent hair removal by electrolysis and permanent hair reduction by Laser (IPL). The Electrolysis technique which we use at Reyuva Hair Electrolysis is thermolysis and blend technique which are the best techniques available in the world for the the fast and permanent removal of the unwanted hairs. For the removal of the hairs and offer our clients the best of services at unbelievable low price. For more information about electrolysis of the unwanted hairs kindly contact our office at M: +91 9810609643 or email us at