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Approximate cost of hair Electrolysis


Electrolysis is an extremely effective form of hair removal. It’s not always the most comfortable, or speedy treatments, but it’s definitely effective.  It’s also quite underrated  You can get rid of all kinds of hair on your body, including ingrown hairs. The treatment works for all colors & textures of hair. It also can treat all sorts of skin colors. This treatment comes at a cost though. There are several factors which determine how much it can cost. Here we’ll give you some general ideas on how much you can spend and the various pricing methods.

The Rates given here are just approximate to give an idea about the cost of hair electrolysis, the final estimate and cost of hair removal by electrolysis will be given after seeing the area and hairs to be removed. Kindly give call at 9810609643 for more information about the hair electrolysis and hair removal cost and estimate. or you can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about hair electrolysis and cost.

The cost of electrolysis for hair removal depends on several factors, like the size of body area being treated, the density and quality of hair, the skin type and also varies between different electrolysis clinics.


Here at Reyuva Hair Electrolysis Center we offer hair removal from large areas like chest, arms, face etc at Rs. 6,000/- per session (plus GST 18%) for 60 minutes session. We repeat the sessions after 1 to 2 months interval after the hairs have regrown.

The cost of small areas or small number of hairs are proportionate to the amount of time given for hair removal. Thus, electrolysis, as a hair removal procedure for smaller body areas, is quite affordable and thus, an attractive option too, as you achieve freedom for a lifetime from the consistent, nagging worry of body hair growing here and there.

But, for larger body parts like the chest, abdomen and back, electrolysis would take a very large number of sessions for permanent and total hair removal and so, the procedure would be costlier.


Cost of Electrolysis for Facial Hair

Hair removal from parts of the face like upper lips, eyebrows, sideburns, and chin would take 20- 30 sessions for complete face (including beard, eyebrows, sideburns), the duration and the number of sessions depending on the individual and the site of unwanted hair growth. The unwanted hair growth on eye brows and eye brow shaping is easy to manage as it is not hormone dependent while the hair growth on chin, upper lip and side burns are bit difficult as they are hormone dependent.  

White hairs in the beard can be removed to give the young look again. It may require multiple sessions as the more hairs get white.

Complete beard removal may take multiple sessions depending upon density of the hairs.


Cost of Electrolysis for Underarms

Electrolysis for the arms and underarms can take anywhere from 45- 60 minutes each side per session, depending on the density and texture of hair, previous methods of hair removal used, ability of skin to heal and several other factors.


Cost of Electrolysis for Larger Body Areas

Hair removal by electrolysis for larger body areas like arms, legs, chest and back can take even a couple of years to get completed, averaging about 75 to 200 two to three hours sessions.

Electrolysis would, therefore, be the best option for hair removal from smaller body areas like the face, underarms, bikini line, etc., considering the cost of the treatment. However for those desperately wishing to get rid of their unwanted body hair forever, it is not a big price to pay even for larger body areas, as the cost and hassles of a lifetime of use of temporary hair removal methods, besides the negative psychological effects of excess body hair, can be avoided by opting for electrolysis.



If you frequently are getting the treatment you may be able to buy in bulk or get an up front discount. alternatively keep a look out for the attractive discount offers which are periodically announced with every change of season or change of quarter / month. Kindly contact at M: 9810609643 or write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the current offer for the hair electrolysis package / session.


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The center is located , on the main Vikas marg, in East Delhi, India. The Center deals with permanent hair removal by electrolysis and permanent hair reduction by Laser (IPL). The Electrolysis technique which we use at Reyuva Hair Electrolysis is thermolysis and blend technique which are the best techniques available in the world for the the fast and permanent removal of the unwanted hairs. For the removal of the hairs and offer our clients the best of services at unbelievable low price. For more information about electrolysis of the unwanted hairs kindly contact our office at M: +91 9810609643 or email us at