Removal of Genital (pubic) hair in Men

(groin hair removal in men)


Getting rid of hair around your genitals can be quite the challenge! It's one of the most sensitive spots on your body, so it's hard to imagine anyone rooting around down there with a razor, an epilator, or even a laser beam or electrolysis.


The main rule is to not let it grow into an untidy jungle. To begin with, surveys about men’s public area reveal that women prefer it neat and tidy.

Another advantage is it doesn’t smell that bad anymore when trimmed. At the same time, it is way more hygienic not having a smelly jungle down there because body hair is a great environment to grow some bacteria that enhance the odor.

Well, probably the main advantage of having a tidy groin area is your little buddy will get few inches in size

Once groomed keep in like that by doing the same process once or twice a week and stay away from growing a jungle again.


The two most popular forms of genital hair removal are by shaving and using creams.

Temporary Solutions


​One of the commonest temporary solutions for men to get rid of their genital hair is shaving. The pubic region contains very sensitive skin so it's really important that you treat this area with care.  Some people, with more sensitive skin, may be prone to razor burns that show up as little as a few hours after shaving and can last for up to a few days.  


Never the less, there are a number of steps you can take to limit the amount of irritation that you experience while shaving the genital area:-​

  • Use a Sharp Razor - The sharper the razor, the better.  Using a blunt razor can lead to your hair being pulled out rather than cut, which while not only painful can also lead to longer term irritation.
  • Shave in the direction of the hair - If this is your first time shaving the genital region, then it's definitely recommended to shave in the direction that the hair is growing. 
  • Don't scratch or rub the area - after you shave your pubic region, you will likely feel like you want to scratch the area in the day or two that follows, however don't do this.  Scratching inflames the area and causes further irritation.  If the irritation gets too much, you can use something like soothing talcum powders  or calamine lotion, immediately after shaving to relieve irritation from shaving in the pubic area.


Male waxing

is the practice of male pubic hair removal. After the increased popularity of female pubic hair styling or removal, commonly called bikini waxing, male waxing became more common in the 1990s.

Male waxing is popular in the body building and male modeling community.



The technique of male pubic removal is the same as bikini waxing of female pubic hair. However, unlike styling of female pubic hair, the male practice is mainly total removal, sometimes called manzilian, a contraction of "male Brazilian".

Waxing involves the thin spreading of a wax combination over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair and dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth.

Male waxing is a painful method. It is not recommended to do waxing for persons suffering from diabetes or who have varicose veins or poor circulation as they are more susceptible to infection.



Pubic Hair Removal Creams

Are Hair Removal Creams Safe for Genital Hair Removal?

Depilatory creams contain strong chemicals that break down the hair and when misused can cause discomfort and chemical burns.  While these products can usually be used on the genital area, it is recommended you take the following precautions to limit the chance of any unwanted side effects:-

  • Trim first - we recommend that you trim the area first so that you can use less of the chemical solution and get the same results.  Using less substance will help limit the irritation.
  • Choose your timing wisely - Don't use depilatory hair removal creams if you have open sores (razor cuts, for example) to limit the exposure to the cream.
  • Test it on a less sensitive body part like back of hand or apply a bit of the cream to your leg or thigh, and let it sit for the prescribed amount of time before washing it off.
  • If there's no pain, you're doing it right. If the skin is sensitive, you left it on for too long. You may even want to wait a day or two to see if your skin reacts badly to it.
  • Apply some Vitamin E lotion or moisturizing cream to your skin if you feel any irritation.



Permanent Solutions

Most people use the temporary methods that we've described above, however some people become discontent with the amount of time and frequency of the temporary removal methods and look for more permanent solutions.  In this case, there are two options that you have at your disposal:-

Laser Hair Removal

​Laser hair removal is generally not recommended for use on scrotum as the skin is dark here and can cause laser burns, but can be used safely in the groin and pubic area if the skin is white and hairs are dark.

​ Laser hair removal is often one of the choices for genital hair removal if the person who will be having treatment done has:-

  • Dark and dense hair in the pubic region
  • Light coloured skin

Advantages of laser hair reduction in pubic region

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • long term hair reduction can mean less time performing temporary hair removal methods.

Disadvantages of laser hair reduction in pubic region

  • Laser hair removal requires a number of sessions over a period of months for long term sustainable results.
  • Not effective for everyone - Some people, even those who would seem to be perfect candidates, simply don't respond to the treatment. 
  • Laser hair removal sessions are expensive and a sequence of sessions are required for permanent hair reduction. 


Electrolysis Hair Removal

This is the only form of hair removal that has been deemed permanent hair removal by the FDA.  The drawback is that it's quite a time consuming process because hairs needed to be treated individually, one by one.

Is Electrolysis Safe for Genital Hair Removal?

Yes, electrolysis has the most complete clinical study profile amongst all the hair removal methods given that it has been in use for over 100 years (in comparison to laser, which has been used for around 35 years). 

How is Electrolysis Commonly Used for Genital Hair Removal?

There are two occasions when electrolysis is commonly used for genital hair removal:-

  • Light hair colour or dark skin colour - when the subject wants a more permanent form of genital hair removal but has light hair colour and dark skin colour, it means that they are a less ideal candidate for laser hair removal and are left with electrolysis as their main option.


  • After laser hair removal - commonly electrolysis can be used to "finish off" the genital area after laser hair removal has reduced the volume of hairs in the area as much as possible.



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