It might be true that fully separated and carefully trimmed eyebrows can help you communicate more clearly.

Make it simple and just shape clear line of each brow and separate both of them by removing the bridge between them.


The 4 Eyebrow Geometry Principles


Use the image above as reference.

Line A: Defining the inside edge of the brow is perhaps the most important maintenance a guy can do. (Goodbye - unibrow). Here's an easy trick: Draw an imaginary line straight up from the middle of your nostril,

Line B: This arch is called the “peak,” and it's the highest point of the brow. You don't want to create a severe arch artificially, but identifying and preserving the high point of the brow is helpful, because it shouldn't be flat on top.

Line C: This outermost point is known as the "tail" of the brow. When you draw a straight line from the tail to the outer edge of your nostril, it should intersect with the outer part of the eye.

Line D: This is the “length" of the brow. One good principle is to have the bottom of the front align horizontally with the end of the tail.



Some guys feel that there shouldn't be any hair in the middle between their brows. That isn't the case, you can have some hair there. It's your personal choice, of course.

No one says that you should walk around with a unibrow either but you need to know how much to take and where to stop.


Eyebrow Shaping for Men- They Farthest In They Should Start

Eyebrow shaping for men is different than women and you need to be careful with taking the middle (between brows) hairless. You don't want to take the hair too much off or it could risk looking too feminine. 

If you want it bare here's how to find where the absolute farthest in they should start: Use something straight (like a pencil) from the outer sides of the ball of your nose to your brows like on this model. Remember, this should be the farthest you go between the brows. You can choose to leave more hair than this.


Male Eyebrows Can Be Thick

Male eyebrows can be thick and still looked groomed , as men, in general, have large brows. The amount of thickness they end up with as an adult is there for a reason, to balance with other facial features- like large eyes and lips or an angular face shape.




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