How To Groom and Remove Male Chest Hair




Grooming male chest hair has become part of culture, men make pretty muscles and show it off with clean chest. Gone are those days when having hairy chest was considered manly, now even women consider men with clean and well chiseled chest as sexy. It becomes many men's weekly regimen to shave the chest hairs. The clean chest also keeps your hair from getting caught up in your buttons or zippers.


Some men do not want to completely remove the hairs and only just trim them to look overall less hairy, trimming can be done with simple scissors and comb. There are automated electric trimmers same which are used for beard trimming can be used for trimming the chest hairs.  

  Advantage: Trimming keeps the hairs from getting stuck in the clothes and looks overall less hairs.

  Disadvantage: It has to be repeated every week or 10 days depending upon the speed of growth of the hairs.



Men with smooth bodies or with muscular chest want it completely shaved to show the muscles bare chested. Shaving is done with the routine shaving kit used for shaving beard.
Advantages : Quick and easy.
Disadvantages : One has to be careful while shaving the chest himself, as cuts can occur with the razors specially at the nipple area, also the new growth of the hairs can be bothersome and irritating. One then has to shave regularly to keep the chest smooth and clean.

Hair Removal Cream

also known as chemical depilation, a hair removal cream breaks down the hair so you can wipe it off. The common active ingredients are calcium thioglycolate or potassium thioglycolate, which breaks down the disulfide bonds in keratin and weakens the hair so that it is easily scraped off where it emerges from the hair follicle.

The reaction is : 2 HSCH2CO2H (thioglycolic acid) + R-S-S-R (cystine) → HO2CCH2-S-S-CH2CO2H (dithiodiglycolic acid) + 2 RSH (cysteine).

The hair removal cream's, break down reaction is affected by the calcium hydroxide or the potassium hydroxide (both alkali). The resulting combinations of calcium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide and thioglycolic acid are calcium thioglycolate(CaTG) or potassium thioglycolate (KTG), respectively. The calcium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide are present in excess to enable the thioglycolic acid to react with the cystine present joining chains in hair protein.  As the epidermis is also rich in keratin, the skin may become irritated and sensitive if the preparation is left on for too long.


Advantage : Fairly quick, easy and no razor needed.


Disadvantage : Be careful. Depilatories are very strong can give you a chemical burn or irritation, especially if you have an allergic reaction or sensitive skin, specially if the cream is left on the skin for too long. Also, it has been seen in some cases that repeated use of the hair removal cream causes darkening of the skin.




It's done as same technique as waxing for legs and arms. Only thing is that it is bit painful as the men's chest hair are strong and thick. Also, in India, waxing considered as womanly and men usually avoid waxing.

Advantage : After the waxing, you can be hair and worry free for three to six weeks.

Disadvantage : There is always the possibility of burns due to hot wax specially in sensitive skin and ingrown hair.


Laser Hair Reduction

While you're not 100% guaranteed as the lasers can get you reduction in the hair growth on the chest but complete and permanent removal by lasers is not possible. Also, since the men in India have dusky or darker complexion, the risk of laser burns is always present.

Advantage : FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, and large areas can be treated at once.

Disadvantage : With most lasers, you need to have dark hair and lighter skin for safety reasons and to achieve results. Laser hair removal can be expensive because multiple sessions are needed. Risks include scarring, blisters, burns, pigmentation and pain. The reduction may not leave your entire chest completely hairless, patches of hair could be left.



The best track record of any hair removal method, so it's for those really serious about permanently having a smooth chest. It is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal.
Advantage : The only method FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. You don't need a certain hair or skin color to get results. It is the only method for the permanently removal of white hairs as laser is ineffective on white hairs. selective removal of the hairs can be done as well.
Disadvantage : It takes multiple sessions.

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