Grooming Men's Beard - Sharp cheek line and Neck Line

Grooming of Men's Beard is an important part of the well groom man's face.

The slanting or fading cheek hairs reaching upto to the cheek bones cover the face and give appearance of a very large beard and small face. The beard head line should be sharp and reach from side burns to the angle of mouth to give a sharp angle with moustache. 

The beard going all the way down to the neck and hiding the Adam's apple also does not give a good appearance with short hairs and makes the neck look short.

Keeping a sharp cheek line and neck line requires repeated threading or shaving which can be quite cumbersome. To overcome this problem one can have permanent hair removal from the cheek above the beard giving a sharp cheek line and also from the Neck also giving a sharp neck line.

Below is a demonstration of the permanent painless removal of the hairs from the cheek above the beard and from the neck giving a sharp cheek line and neck line with a well groom appearance of the face.

Since the facial hairs are approximately 40 to 60% in the growth phase with rest of the hairs in resting phase (or hidden) it can take approximately 4 to 5 sessions to completely remove the hairs and giving a permanent sharp cheek line and neck line of the beard.



Above is the video showing Electrolysis of the beard region for the permanent shaping of the beard

and removal of hairs from cheek and Neck to give sharp Cheek line and Neck line

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