Electrolysis and Permanent Hair Removal


Tired of plucking, waxing or shaving unwanted hair? The temporary methods of hair removal break the shaft of the hair and the root and stem cells survive leading to the regrowth of the hair. The following diagram gives the approximate idea of the level of the shaft removed of the hair with different temporary methods of hair removal. ONLY ELECTROLYSIS can remove the hair from the root and also destroy the stem cells of the hair follicle, thus leading to permanent hair removal of unwanted hairs.




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Hinkel Computerized UC 3+ machine for hair electrolysis


Do you have excess or unwanted facial hair? Electrolysis is your solution!

Electrolysis will eliminate your unwanted hair, improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence. With cosmetic and self-improvement benefits alone, this small investment pays for itself. 

  • The ONLY FDA approved permanent Hair Removal Method (laser is not an permanent hair removal solution)
  • Surgical standard of sterilization
  • More effective than Laser
  • Specific group of hairs can be removed (like only white hairs)

Electrology is the only recognized method of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal only promises hair reduction and will only work on certain types of hair and with white skin.

We use computerized, top of the line equipment (Hinkel UC 3+) which is now more effective than ever; as well as insulated sterile probes for your comfort and protection of your skin.

Repeat treatments at 1 to 3 week intervals for about 1-2 years are required for complete clearance of hair

(although the time for complete removal varies from patient to patient depending upon heredity, amount of hair and other variables.


Is Electrolysis Permanent? - Electrolysis has been shown to be permanent in over a century of use.  Its permanency has been well recognized by world over and is testified to by thousands of satisfied users.

Of course, as with all procedures involving human beings, there will always be instances where 100% permanency is not achieved, but the permanency rate is approximately 93% of all people treated worldwide.

Is Electrolysis Safe? - In the entire over 120 year history of the procedure, the safety and success has been well documented. 


Is Electrolysis Expensive? - When you consider the lifetime costs of shaving creams, razors, tweezers, waxes, depilatories, not to mention all the time and pain involved -- or all the remedies that are expensive yet completely ineffective or even dangerous -- the cost for electrolysis is extremely affordable.  Electrolysis is indeed the most cost effective treatment available to get rid of unsightly and embarrassing hair permanently.

Isn't Laser Better Than Electrolysis? - Laser hair removal is an option for many people BUT it can cause permanent scarring and damage too!  We suggest doing full research on laser hair removal, both the pros and cons.  In rare circumstances, or if the procedure is performed incorrectly, patients face a number of dangers, such as severe burns and change in skin color, especially for darker skin tones.  Electrolysis is affordable, has over a century of proven safety and effectiveness and is appropriate and safe for all skins types and colors.



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The center is located , on the main Vikas marg, in East Delhi, India. The Center deals with permanent hair removal by electrolysis and permanent hair reduction by Laser (IPL). The Electrolysis technique which we use at Reyuva Hair Electrolysis is thermolysis and blend technique which are the best techniques available in the world for the the fast and permanent removal of the unwanted hairs. For the removal of the hairs and offer our clients the best of services at unbelievable low price. For more information about electrolysis of the unwanted hairs kindly contact our office at M: +91 9810609643 or email us at info@reyuva.com