Preparation before Electrolysis session


  1. It is important to maintain cleanliness of the procedure. It is always best to have a bath before electrolysis appointment. A warm shower will help your pores to open and make the electrolysis session easier.
  2. Drink lot of water before electrolysis session. It helps in easy removal of the unwanted hairs if the skin is hydrated as there is more water for electrolysis. The unwanted hairs just glide out in a fully hydrated skin during electrolysis.
  3. Shaving /Trimming  prior to electrolysis -Shaving or trimming 4 to 5 days before electrolysis greatly increases efficacy because it ensures that only growing anagen hairs are treated. This may be particularly important in some areas, such as the arms, legs, thigh, and pubic area, where as many as 80% of hairs may be in telogen phase (resting phase - the matrix cells or germinative cells and papilla are in a dormant stage). It should be emphasized to clients that shaving has no effect on hair growth
  4. Here at Reyuva Hair Electrolysis we give a small dose of pain-killer half hour before electrolysis session. It helps to keep the patient pain free during the procedure.




Post Electrolysis Care

  • Keep the area clean, with soap and water, alcohol or skin antiseptic.


  • Keep your hands off the treatment area to minimize skin contamination and infection.


  • Apply antibiotic ointment as prescribed or calamine lotion to the area where electrolysis is done for the edema and redness to settle down.


  • Do not use any abrasive skin cleaners over the treatment area for about 48 hours after your treatment (Can be irritating to the hair follicle).


  • Painkiller and anti-inflammatory tablets are taken according to the need.


  • Avoid sun exposure for 48 hours after an electrology treatment.


  • It is a good option to apply ice if the area is red and swollen. Here at Reyuva Hair Electrolysis we do Galvanic therapy of the skin (Galvanic roller) with aloe vera ointment to sooth the skin and reduce the swelling after electrolysis for hair removal.


  • People with systemic conditions like diabetes mellitus or who are prone to infections are prescribed antibiotics for 3 days post hair electrolysis session.


Initial clearing versus permanent removal
Initial clearing is defined as the removal of visible hair. For example – electrolysis of leg, about 80% of leg hairs are in the telogen stage (resting phase or shed off phase). Such hairs may not be visible. Therefore, a single electrolysis session only impacts on about 20% of the hairs. Even with expertly performed electrolysis there is a regrowth rate of 20-40%. In addition, in individuals with hormonal problems, new hair follicle growth may be activated in adrogen-sensitve areas thus, necessitating further increase in the number of treatment sessions required.


Electrolysis Hair Removal – The Only Truly Permanent Method

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